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This Summer has been CRAZY to say the least. For those reading this that don’t know, my husband and I are foster parents. If you know anything about foster care….you know how crazy it can be.  You never know exactly what your getting yourself into when you get that phone call to see if you will be willing to take a child in… It all started one Saturday night in May!


We get a call around 8 pm asking if we would be willing to take in a two and a half year old, who only speaks Spanish.  We were told it would only be until Wednesday when the family had court.  Looking back, I should have known it would be more than five days.  Anyway, we agreed to take him because he had medical issues that we had personally had experience with, and felt comfortable dealing with those issues.  Now here we are almost four months later and he is still with us.  Summer was a whirlwind, we spent much of it in and out of the hospital, trying many different meds.

Through all of that, I gained a new respect for everything my parents had to endure when I was a baby, dealing with some of the same issues.  One of the hardest parts of being a foster parent is that you really have no say in the health and well-being of any child that is entrusted to you, unless the parent’s rights have already been terminated.  I can give my opinion based on observations I have noted in the time spent with the child, but it ultimately doesn’t mean much to anyone.

There were many times when I was actually happy not to be the one to make the decisions, especially when it came to agreeing to different  meds after discovering the potential side effects.  I cannot even begin to fathom how hard all of this must have been on his family.

Finally, we were able to make it to Vanderbilt at the end of last month to get a second opinion, and our lives are starting to experience some sense of normalcy.  Although, he just turned three, and now that his medical issues have gotten better we have started the process of potty training….so the last few days have been interesting.  Luckily my experience as a nanny for many years has prepared me for this.

Hopefully this poor little kid will be able to go home soon, but we aren’t holding our breath….

More to come soon…


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