What are Essential Rewards?

Good question! So you heard be talk a little bit about Essential Rewards (ER) in a previous post, which you can see here. Now, I want to explain it a little bit more in-depth.


As the above graphic shows, the longer you are on ER, the more you earn back in points each month that you can use towards free products. It’s not just the oils that have Rewards points, you can take advantage of the rewards on many other products as well.  To give you another example of the monthly promotions, take a look at the October promotions.

October Promotion

If you spend 190, 250, or 300 PV, you earn free stuff as well. So how do you get that PV? Say you decide one month to get Cedarwood at $11.25= 11.25 PV, then you get Lemon which also = 11.25 PV, Lavender at 23.50 PV, Orange 10.75 PV, Patchouli 33.75 PV, Joy=39.75 PV, Thieves Cleaner 14.4oz at 22.00 PV, ART Gentle Cleanser =32.75 PV, Thieves Hand soap at 10.25 PV. Now you have spent a total of 195.25 in PV. That means you qualify for the 190 PV October Promotion which would get you all that you ordered PLUS a 5 mL bottle of Clove and a 15 mL bottle of Thieves Oil. This is a retail value of $53. 93

Now, lets look at this a little closer…say you weren’t on ER and you ordered the same products; Cedarwood=$14.80, Lemon=$14.80, Lavender=$30.92, Orange=$14.14, Patchouli=$44.41, Joy=$52.30, Thieves Cleaner=$28.95, ART Gentle Cleanser=$43.09, and Thieves Hand soap=$15.46. Now you’ve spent a total of $258.87, and you don’t get Thieves or Clove Oil.

So, not only would you be saving $63.62 on your ER order, your also saving another $53.93 on The Thieves and Clove. That’s a total savings of $117.55! Sounds pretty good, huh!  Don’t forget, with that order your also earning back 10% of your rewards points back if you’re in your first 6 months, which means you would earn back 19.52 in rewards points that you can put toward even MORE FREE PRODUCTS!! You can earn up to 20% back if you are on the program for 13 months and more! Which means you have the potential to earn up to 30.05 in rewards points!

Here is a picture of what I got a few months ago with my points, and I didn’t even use all of my points either!

Essential Rewards Order

Now, if in the month of October you spent 250 PV; not only would you get the Clove and Thieves Oil. You would also get another 20 Essential Rewards Points, on top of what you are already earning back! If you spend 300 PV You would get everything in the 250 PV reward PLUS a Home Diffuser! That’s a value of $157.83!

So, there you have it! Now, who is ready to start earning their free products?


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