And Now for Something Completely Different!

So, my last few posts have focused on the oils themselves. However, today I want to talk more about the business side of things. As a quick reminder; anything I say about essential oils is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. The statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Whenever I talk to people about essential oils they are always a little bit skeptical about the oils and the potential for it to be a business.  I’ve been listening to some books on tape through the Soundcloud app that have been inspirational and encouraging. You can download the app for free on Google Play and listen to a variety of books, music, and presentations through the app for free as well. I recently listened to GoPro by Eric Worre. I listened to it as I drove around town running errands and finished it up the following day. You can find out more about him on his website here. I plan to use many of his tips to grow my own business with Young Living. Now I need to actually purchase a hard copy of the book so that I can re-read it and take notes on all that I listened to. It’s kind of hard to listen to and take notes while driving around town, and probably frowned upon.

I do not pretend to be a very outgoing person, so for me getting my business off the ground has not been easy. It is hard for me to strike up conversations with people, I feel like I’m trying to convince them rather than offering them opportunities to see for themselves. Or, they may say that it sounds like a Pyramid Scheme. Young Living is NOT a pyramid scheme. It is, however, ranked number 1 on Direct Selling Momentum. You can see the complete list of companies here.


Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such an enthusiastic, and determined group of people. The support I have received from my team has been so encouraging; especially during those times where I feel like a failure, and I am never going to be good enough.

I’ve come to realize though, that all I need to do is share my story. People will listen to you, while they may not sign up right then and there, you’ve at least piqued their interest. They may need to hear it several more times, and do the research for themselves before they decide to jump in for themselves, but once they do they begin to wonder why they put it off for so long.

I mentioned earlier how I was so encouraged by Eric Worre’s  book, some other books that have been encouraging are the following; “Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How to Become a Network Marketing ROCK STAR” by. Sarah Robbins, and “The Four Year Career Young Living Edition: HOW TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS OF FUN AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM COME TRUE OR NOT…” by. Richard Bliss Brooke. The latter book features many success stories from couples young and old, and everywhere in between. Obviously their success didn’t happen over-night, but their hard work paid off over time, and before long their business was growing without them having to do much of anything.

And now, just for fun here is a short video a friend showed me that you may find entertaining…watch here!





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