What are Essential Rewards?

Good question! So you heard be talk a little bit about Essential Rewards (ER) in a previous post, which you can see here. Now, I want to explain it a little bit more in-depth.


As the above graphic shows, the longer you are on ER, the more you earn back in points each month that you can use towards free products. It’s not just the oils that have Rewards points, you can take advantage of the rewards on many other products as well.  To give you another example of the monthly promotions, take a look at the October promotions.

October Promotion

If you spend 190, 250, or 300 PV, you earn free stuff as well. So how do you get that PV? Say you decide one month to get Cedarwood at $11.25= 11.25 PV, then you get Lemon which also = 11.25 PV, Lavender at 23.50 PV, Orange 10.75 PV, Patchouli 33.75 PV, Joy=39.75 PV, Thieves Cleaner 14.4oz at 22.00 PV, ART Gentle Cleanser =32.75 PV, Thieves Hand soap at 10.25 PV. Now you have spent a total of 195.25 in PV. That means you qualify for the 190 PV October Promotion which would get you all that you ordered PLUS a 5 mL bottle of Clove and a 15 mL bottle of Thieves Oil. This is a retail value of $53. 93

Now, lets look at this a little closer…say you weren’t on ER and you ordered the same products; Cedarwood=$14.80, Lemon=$14.80, Lavender=$30.92, Orange=$14.14, Patchouli=$44.41, Joy=$52.30, Thieves Cleaner=$28.95, ART Gentle Cleanser=$43.09, and Thieves Hand soap=$15.46. Now you’ve spent a total of $258.87, and you don’t get Thieves or Clove Oil.

So, not only would you be saving $63.62 on your ER order, your also saving another $53.93 on The Thieves and Clove. That’s a total savings of $117.55! Sounds pretty good, huh!  Don’t forget, with that order your also earning back 10% of your rewards points back if you’re in your first 6 months, which means you would earn back 19.52 in rewards points that you can put toward even MORE FREE PRODUCTS!! You can earn up to 20% back if you are on the program for 13 months and more! Which means you have the potential to earn up to 30.05 in rewards points!

Here is a picture of what I got a few months ago with my points, and I didn’t even use all of my points either!

Essential Rewards Order

Now, if in the month of October you spent 250 PV; not only would you get the Clove and Thieves Oil. You would also get another 20 Essential Rewards Points, on top of what you are already earning back! If you spend 300 PV You would get everything in the 250 PV reward PLUS a Home Diffuser! That’s a value of $157.83!

So, there you have it! Now, who is ready to start earning their free products?

Lavender Oil

This is another favorite of many people who use oils. It has been called by some “The Swiss Army Knife” of oils because it is so versatile. One of my favorite ways to use it is in a bath after a long day to help me relax and unwind. You just need to add a few drops (2-3) to a warm bath, and put on some relaxing music if you so desire. I always feel so relaxed afterwards, and usually fall asleep much faster at bedtime.

It’s also a great one to diffuse at night. When I diffuse it, I usually start it after dinner to help the foster kids we’ve had in the past to unwind and start to settle down for the night. I set the diffuser in the hallway and add 8-10 drops of the oil to the diffuser. Within minutes our whole house is filled with the calming aroma.

Are you ready to give these amazing oils a try for yourself? I’d love to help you get started so you can start enjoying their benefits for yourself and your family! You’ll wish you would have found them sooner! 🙂


Thieves Oil

Ahhh, Thieves! If you were to ask just about anyone who uses Young Living Essential Oils what their favorite oil is, more than likely they would say “Thieves”! thieves-psk

There are so many uses for this wonderful oil! The smell reminds me of Christmas, probably because of the Cinnamon in it. It has a nice, clean aroma to it. It is a great one to diffuse as well.

Not only does Young Living have a Thieves oil, but a whole line of various Thieves products. Just this Fall they added Thieves Dish soap and Thieves Laundry Detergent. Currently I have the Thieves wipes, spray, Lozenges, Oil, Dish Soap, Toothpaste, and Cleaner. With the cleaner, a little bit goes a long way. I have a large spray bottle that I keep in my kitchen, I fill it with water and add about 2 tablespoons of the cleaner to it. Before cleaning my kitchen, I give the bottle a little shake and spray everything down. It’s very safe to use around kids and pets!

In fact, if you have pets, and you have carpet you can make a quick and easy carpet deodorizer.  All you need is a cup of Baking Soda, Thieves, Purification, and a Ball Jar. Both Thieves and Purification are included in the Starter kit! Which you can learn more about the kit, and the story behind Young Living’s beginnings here.


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Homemade Christmas Gifts with Essential Oils

As I promised yesterday, here are my pinsperations for Christmas gifts using my Young Living Essential Oils. First up is a Spa package, which you can see here. They used it as a Valentines gift, but it is perfect for Christmas as well. In my homemade spa package I also plan to include some homemade body butter. I made my own a few weeks ago which you can see below. I will have to play around with the oils a little bit more though. In the Pinterest version they used peppermint, which makes sense with the cocoa butter making the body butter smell chocolatey! I may end up using that oil the next time I make it.

Body Butter

Some other recipes you can make with the oils can be found here and here. The possibilities are endless, it just depends what you are looking for.

I hope you enjoyed these fun DIY ideas.

Until next time!